About Us

A DWI Defense Lawyers Association Focused Exclusively on The Defense of Intoxicated Driving Criminal and Administrative Driver License Prosecutions.


Texas DWI Lawyers is a Texas-based nonprofit defense lawyers association focused on the science and practice of DWI defense. Our goal is to provide a complete educational experience in the statutory and constitutional law of DWI defense and in the trial skills necessary to effectively represent citizens charged in Texas with drug and alcohol related driving offenses.

Members will be able to leverage the resources of each other’s expertise and those of the Texas DWI Lawyers leadership to become better Texas DWI Defense Lawyers and serve their clients with the highest level of specialized knowledge and expertise.

The Need For Education And Training

History makes it clear that to effectively defend an intoxication case, counsel must be highly educated in breath testing, blood testing, urine testing, and accident reconstruction, and also must be extremely skilled in trial techniques and jury presentation.

The Best DWI Teaching Lawyers

Texas DWI Lawyers was formed to further and enhance those educational requirements. Our board consists of lawyers who have demonstrated, time and time again, that they are some of the best defenders in the Lone Star State in the aforementioned practice areas. It is Texas DWI Lawyers’s primary goal to provide the best possible continuing legal education (CLE) to other Texas lawyers who are interested in providing their clients with highly effective, professional, and caring representation.

Strength In Numbers

We are committed to supporting all criminal defense lawyer bar associations. We do this because it is understood that there is strength in numbers and that there must be unity of constitutional purpose. We are unanimous in our opinion that the rights of citizens can be protected only by zealous, effective, professional, and ethical advocacy, and that is what we teach.

Our CLE Programs

Our annual CLE programs will be held in Houston, the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, and in the San Antonio-Hill Country area.


Texas DWI Lawyers is not affiliated in any way with TCDLA, TCCLA, HCCLA or SACDLA. We are also not associated with the NSA, FBI, CIA or SPCA. However, as to the defense lawyers organizations noted, they are all fine organizations and should be supported.

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