Paul GoekePaul J. Goeke, Attorney at Law, is a board-certified criminal defense lawyer, a specialist with nearly 30 years of experience providing aggressive representation for people in San Antonio, Austin and the surrounding parts of Texas.

Mr. Goeke is a former criminal prosecutor with a background in the sciences. He has been named to Super Lawyers as published by Texas Monthly every year since 2006. His record of success is impressive and ranges from capital murder to DWI/DUI cases. He has received not guilty verdicts in a series of high profile capital murder and other serious charges, an accomplishment that has garnered him a great deal of media attention and the respect of his peers.

What it means to be a board-certified* criminal defense specialist. In order to become board-certified, a lawyer must devote the majority of his practice to criminal law and must have done so for at least five years. That lawyer must pass an additional legal examination and meet stringent requirements in order to demonstrate knowledge and skill in criminal law.

While many factors contribute to Mr. Goeke’s ability to succeed against the intense odds of a capital murder case and all other criminal defense cases, his background in the sciences plays a critical role. He has hands-on experience in labs and training in forensic science, among other scientific fields. This background and training is useful in questioning expert witnesses in the courtroom and presenting technical information to juries in a manner that they can understand.

With the role that DNA evidence and other scientific evidence plays in modern criminal defense cases, even in DWI/DUI cases in the form of blood and breath test results, a lawyer must be able to understand and communicate this information effectively. In some cases, Mr. Goeke has relied on forensic accident and event reconstructionists for an aggressive defense. In many cases, the science can be the defendant’s salvation.



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