President’s Message for 2018 - Billy McNabb

Texas Lawyers are bound by ethical rules, the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct. These rules are not lofty expectations for which attorneys should strive, they are minimum standards, when falling short of which, an attorney is not rendering effective assistance of counsel. 

Why would I bring this up in my message as the 2017/2018 President of TX DWI Lawyers Association?  The ethical rules require that an attorney have the proficiency to handle a case and all the various parts of that case.  In an era of breath and blood test results being offered as evidence in DWI prosecution with increasing frequency, too many attorneys are simply not qualified to take on the prosecutions so-called scientific evidence, they are falling far show of even the minimum required standards.  They either don’t care, or they don’t have the proficiency, knowledge, and experience to handle these issues. 

For those that don’t care, nothing that a good attorney says will change their way. They will continue to advertise and take peoples money with no intention of actually defending a citizen presumed innocent.

For the rest, those who want to learn, share, teach, and provide quality representation, we welcome you to TX DWI Lawyers Association.

My personal involvement with TX DWI Lawyers Association started when I began to notice the best DWI trial attorneys in Texas were gravitating to this organization; the same attorneys I have looked up to, copied, admired, and made it a point to watch in action.  When I was invited to join their ranks, I was humbled beyond words.  If I am ever half the attorney as these attorneys who serve in this organization, I know I have done a great service to my clients and this most honorable profession.

We have some exciting educational seminars planned for the next year.  Our seminars consistently draw the highest peer reviews for our speakers, materials, and new approaches to traditional CLE formatting.  Many of our speakers employ demonstrative techniques to show the rest of us how they would apply concepts in a real courtroom setting. 

Feedback from the attendees reinforces that they prefer our “show” versus just “tell” approach.  We are leading the charge in this new seminar approach and will continue to perfect that as well as other suggestions from our attendees and members.  Which brings me to my next point, feedback.  We encourage attendees to give us honest feedback and suggestions.  Hours are spent pouring over feedback and discussing suggestions.

With great pride I welcome you to TX DWI Lawyers Association, for your commitment to the citizen accused, for your commitment to holding the state accountable. 

Be proud of what you do, and the next time someone asks you the question, “how can you defend someone who is guilty?”, respond “I don’t defend criminals, I defend your constitution.  You’re welcome.”

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