President’s Message for 2017 – George Scharmen


New Presidents often make statements, give encouragement or speak to the future of the organizations they lead.  As the current president of the Texas DWI Lawyers Organization I want to encourage lawyers to learn about and to try DWI cases in jury trials.  

I know that our organization is successful, growing and that it has a great future as more lawyers begin to see the value in the information we offer in our two annual seminars: in Dallas and in San Antonio.  For the first time the format of the seminars will now be the same: they will both be in a theater with great audio/visual equipment.  In San Antonio the seminar will be a day and a half, and it will be located at the Alamo Drafthouse theater on Loop 410 near the airport.  There will be great speakers and great food.

I have learned some things as a DWI lawyer who tries a lot of DWI cases.  It is about point of view.  I’m certain that all of you remember from psychology class that picture which is of a young woman with a hat, or if you look at it another way, it is an old woman with a shawl over her head.  It depends upon your point of view.  Your point of view there is subtle, but it is dramatic in effect. It is our job as DWI defense lawyers to change the jury’s point of view and to give them a different way to look at our client’s circumstances.  We must do that first: make them see what the Constitution demands of them.  They must presume our client is innocent from the beginning.  During their deliberations they must not look at the defense evidence and argument as a barrier which they that must overcome. They must look at the State’s evidence as accusations against an innocent person- evidence of a quality which is faint or poorly explained.

Our seminars are meant to provide evidence and arguments for the defense use which will expose the State’s scientific evidence as faint, circumstantial and poorly explained – in a word: “unreliable.”  Prosecutors, judges and jurors make unwarranted assumptions about the validity and scientific reliability of blood testing, breath testing and field sobriety testing.  We must demonstrate to them that which they do not wish to see or hear: the truth about “State” science.  There is much truth to be learned at our seminars.  We hope to see you there.


George Scharmen

President 2017

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