7 November 2014
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7 November 2014, Comments 0
In the world of DWI Defense, although there are many DWI defense lawyers who represent breath test/blood test clients, it is a regrettable fact that there are very few who really understand the science on which the testing is premised. Indeed, the sad truth is that while there are many lawyers who hold themselves out as qualified to accept these type cases, there are relatively few who are really knowledgable enough to mount an effective defense against bad science. In this regard, the following article clearly makes the point that having the right lawyer on your team can really make the difference between a verdict of “innocence” and a “wrongful finding of guilt”.
 In the end, it is critical to remember that the DWI Defense lawyer not only protects your rights, but also, policies the government and it’s alleged science conclusions! That said, if your DWI Defender does not know the science, techniques and methodology of police forensic breath/blood testing, then there is no way for you to effectively challenge the accuracy and/or reliability of a prejudicial/wrongful test result. Fortunately, we here at Trichter & Murphy do understand forensic testing and can help you defend your good name,  drivers license, constitutional rights and future. Read the attached article and give us a call if you have questions or a legal matter you need help.
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