24 January 2016
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24 January 2016, Comments 0

Prove It Beyond a Reasonable Doubt!

David BurrowsAs a defense attorney, I was deeply disturbed to learn that over 100,000 people were arrested in Texas for DWI in 2014. As lawyers, we know that law enforcement only needs probable cause to arrest a citizen. I do not think that the average layperson understands this concept. I believe that too many citizens plead guilty never knowing their full constitutional rights.

In 2015, DWI TRIAL LAWYERS must review these 100,000 DWI arrests and educate their clients and juries that Texas law mandates that a juror’s burden to convict requires a much higher level of proof . . . BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT before a charge goes permanently on a citizen’s criminal record.

In 2015, Texas DWI Lawyers will present four state-wide DWI conferences to educate lawyers on proven DWI trial tactics. Texas DWI Lawyers will concentrate solely on DWI defense.

Successful DWI trial lawyers from across the state of Texas have agreed to donate their time to educate lawyers on proven DWI trial tactics. In addition, all officers and board members of Texas DWI Lawyers have agreed to donate their time to this organization.

As we move forward in 2015, there are two ideals of which I am certain:

  1. DWI trial lawyers live with a burning desire to defend their clients; and
  2. DWI trial lawyers treasure the opportunity to add new trial tactics to their arsenal.

TDDLA President’s formula for success in 2015:


In closing, our president for 2014, Gary Trichter, set the standard of excellence extremely high for this organization. Gary Trichter’s dedication, commitment and charisma propelled this organization to have a very successful year. I will do my best to maintain this high level of excellence for Texas DWI Lawyers and for all Texas DWI lawyers across the state.


David Burrows, Esq.

*Texas DWI Lawyers has no affiliation with TCCDLA or TCDLA

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