If you’ve never been to a Texas DWI Lawyer Seminar, here is what your Texas colleagues have to say about their tddla-2015-00176experiences at our past seminars. Please sign up to get notices about upcoming events!

September 15-16, 2016, Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort

“Excellent speakers, great materials.”  – Brian B.
“Top Notch job!  Enjoyed all presentations.” – James B.

“This was an outstanding seminar.  It will improve my DWI tactics as well as my trial strategies generally.” – Joseph B.

“Excellent line up of speakers.  Great location.”  – Jim B.
“Great CLE!  Great list of speakers.” – Clyde C.
“Excellent speakers and topics – priceless info!” – Kayla C.
“Some of the best speakers.”  – Harold D.

“After 20 years I’m humbled by the talent of all these speakers, and invigorated to strive harder to excel.” – David M.

“First class.  It is so great they provide their own PowerPoint slides, motions, articles and docs they utilize in their practice.”  – Chris D.
“Very informative, learned some good things.”  – Peter D.
“Very well organized program.  All speakers were very well prepared & spoke from experience.”  – Robert H.
“Best series of seminars.  Great job by all.” – Hoagie K.
“Very good seminar.  This will be invaluable – much of it will be used next week.” – Charles K.
“An impressive array of speakers.  Very well organized.” – Sidney M.

“This is absolutely been the best seminar I have ever been to.”  – Michael M.

“Best material I’ve received at a CLE, ever.” – Jeff M.
“Great friendly speakers that are willing to take their own time later to discuss.” -Stephen R.
“Best speakers money can buy.  All-star cast!” – Frank S.

March 3, 2016 — Dallas

“Incredibly in-depth and informative.”


“Good points… saving for closing.”

“Best speakers of any CLE in the 12 years that I’ve been a lawyer.”

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September 23-25, 2015 – Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort

“Great learning experience!” – Charles

“Like turning on a light in a dark room.” – Gary

“Great speakers and liked the take-aways.” Amber

“Very informative and helpful information. Engaging speakers that made complicated information easier to understand.” Jeff

“Helpful. Learned so much.” – Jessi


February 19, 2015 – Studio Movie Grill – Dallas, TX

“Best DWI seminar I have attended.” – Stephen

“[The speakers] are clearly passionate and informed about DWI Law.” – Mark

“Very helpful subject matter covered by diverse speakers.” – Jeri

“Informative, helpful tips.” – Remeko

“Time well spent with every speaker. Very useful, concrete information.” – Remeko

“Excellent! The best 1-day DWI seminar I have been to in 28 years.” – John

“Really good materials.” – John

“Great value! I learned so much from great lawyers, whose experience and wisdom give me confidence to succeed in this area of law.” -Nick

“Excellent! I feel empowered with new information that will greatly assist in future trials.” – John

“Speakers were very information. Great presentations.” – Lydia

”Very high quality of speakers.” – Barry

“Great speakers. Thoroughly enjoyed it.” – Barry

“Speakers were very knowledgeable and very clear in communicating their topic.” – Linda

“Loved this seminar. Very informative. Great, knowledgeable speakers.” – Susan

“Excellent seminar!” – John

“Overall very informative.” – Stephanie

“Excellent seminar.” – Leonard

“All in all a very good seminar. Very informative and fast moving.” – Courtney

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